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Scicomm Grant: Brooke Fitzwater - Double Exposure Film Portraits

Scicomm Grant: Brooke Fitzwater - Double Exposure Film Portraits

film double exposure portrait by brooke fitzwater
Brooke Fitzwater is a photographer and biologist preparing to embark on a 5 month research trip to a marine station in Chile. While conducting research, Brooke will also capture portraits of fellow marine biologists. The photographs will not only display the diversity of people conducting research together, they will simultaneously feature the beautiful landscape and nature at the field station.
The marine station boasts scientists not only from Chile but also from various other countries including France, Germany, Colombia, and Peru just to name a few. My project will show the people who work diligently every single day to make the ocean and our world a better place through science and education, and this project will be completed using a unique technique known as “double exposure.”

A double exposure shot is a technique that can be achieved using an analog (film) camera. To create a double exposure, the individual’s portrait is photographed using a white background and then a switch tells the camera not to advance the film, and thus the next shot is overlaid on top of the previous portrait shot. The overlay is only seen over the face, leaving a white background and the overlaid photo within the outline of the portrait. I will be overlaying images of the ocean over their portraits to visually connect them with their work.
The portraits should be available online to view on Brooke's website at the end of 2018.

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