Scicomm Grant: Dr. Ipsa Jain & Dr. Minhaj Sirajuddin - Rapid Color Changes in Animals

ipsa jain illustration cells rapid color changes in animals
Dr. Ipsa Jain is an artist with a PhD in Biology. In collaboration with Dr. Minhaj Sirajuddin, faculty member studying biological motility at InStem in Bangalore, they plan to create a breathtaking picture book describing the science behind color-changing animals. In addition to publishing a physical book, they hope to share the beautiful science behind camoflauge by making gifs and other online resources.
Our non-fiction picture book aims to explain “Rapid Color Changes in Animals” the popular examples being camouflaging animals, Chameleon and Octopus. This subject is fascinating to young kids, young adults and curious adults. We plan to highlight how these animals change color; utilizing the rich visuals with accompanying lucid text to pique curiosity in the audience.

The book is slated for completion at the end of 2018. We can't wait to share it with you!

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