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Coloring Pages

To provide people with some relaxing activites to do at home while social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, a series of free coloring pages has been created so people can print and color from home!

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Nicotine Zine

This zine was created in the Lammel Lab where Two Photon Art co-founder Christine Liu is completing a PhD on the neural circuits that mediate nicotine reward and aversion. With illustrations and straight-forward language, readers are taken on a journey through the plant biology, history, and societal impact of nicotine.

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1" STEM Votes Button Template

These 1" pinback button designs were created to encourage STEM student participation in our democracy. Unfortunately, STEM students are less likely to vote than humanities students and the general public. According to a Tufts report, less than 50% of STEM students vote. It's time to change that!

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1" Resistance Button Template

These hand-drawn images depict fun puns like "Resist" alongside a resistor and "We are the solution" above a beaker. Print this template and make the buttons on your own button maker or find a maker on Etsy or in your community who can help you make them!

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Free Genetics Vector Graphics

Dozens of illustrations related to CRISPR and genetics available for use in non-commercial endeavors. Editable in Adobe Illustrator or other vector-based programs! Created in collaboration with the science communicators, Megan Hochstrasser and Kevin Doxzen at the Innovative Genomics Institute.

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Print Your Own Mini-zines about Genetics Techniques

Print, cut, and fold these mini-zines about DNA Assembly, Quantitative PCR, and CRISPR to learn about the basics of these popular genetics techniques! Created in collaboration with scientists at New England Biolabs.

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Science is for Everyone Poster

Whether discussing who science should serve or who should do science, there is only one answer. Science is for everyone, but we must always work to make that statement true.

Print this 11" x 17" poster to use as a poster for your workspace or a protest sign to advocate for inclusion in science!

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Journal Article Notebook

This notebook was initially created for undergrads at UC Berkeley taking the Neurobiology of Disease course. This course was an introduction to careful analysis and reading of primary literature for many students, and this notebook was designed to be a companion for concise note-taking to extract the most important distillations of information from a lengthy article. Print "double-sided, flip on short edge" for best results!

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Neuroscientist Portrait Project

This zine was created in the fall of 2016 to celebrate the totality of scientists, including the parts that aren't seen in the laboratory. By the time the zine was released in November, we realized this project was more important than ever. Print your own copy of this zine filled with interviews and portraits of 5 great neuroscientists at UC Berkeley.

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Opium Poppy Zine

A zine created in collaboration with Amanda Tose summarizing the history, chemistry, and social issues surrounding the opium poppy and its derivatives. Print your own copy of this lovely zine!