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Our small business and scientific careers thrive only because of the community that supports us. To ensure that those who come after us have the same opportunities and more, we donate as much money as we can to worthy causes.

We began this initiative in July 2018 with our inaugural collection of Activism pins. At the time, it felt like a huge risk, investing both money and our reputation as scientists on standing behind some of our political beliefs. It was a huge relief when we found that we were not alone in our desire to support inclusion and access to STEM!

Our first collection was composed of our Science is Political pin which raised money for the Union of Concerned Scientists, our Science is for Everyone pin which allowed us to start our Scicomm Small Grant Fund, our Hello World pin that supports Girls Who Code, and the Water is a Human Right pin. The release date was the same week as Elon Musk's announcement that he'd solve Flint's water crisis, so we decided to donate proceeds from our Water is a Human Right pin to West Oakland Punks with Lunch.

Amidst the ongoing fight over DACA, we next wanted to show solidarity with the immigrant community and state loud and clear that Science Needs Dreamers. We support DREAMers, both in the sense of the national program that supports students who arrived in the US as children and in the spirit of those who dare to think beyond the realms of what's currently possible. 40% of proceeds from this pin goes to the National Immigration Law Center.

As we grow, we will continue to support initiatives that align with our vision of a better world, both big and small. Explore our Activism Collection to see what kind of causes you can support by purchasing our pins and jewelry! The causes our pins support may change and we are excited to announce that our Science is for Everyone pins will now support new underrepresented science communicators to be trained through the Massive Science Consortium!