Scicomm Grant: Gera Guinto & Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel - Shrimp and Goby Symbiosis Art

gera guinto
Dr. Klaus M. Stiefel is a visiting professor at the University of the Philippines studying the symbiotic relationship between gobies (small marine fishes) and shrimp in the burrows they share. With Gera Guinto, a talented artist from the Philippines, they plan to share the story of these amazing animals through a variety of mediums. 
This is a new way to explain this symbiosis, which will reach a younger audience. The multi-pronged approach (photographs, videos, graphic novel, text) will keep the audience engaged past the initial click. Ms. Guinto’s cartoons, and my images, videos & explanatory text will all be hosted on my webpage, Also, Ms. Guinto regularly exhibits her work in the Philippines, and this project will be featured during her next exhibitions. A social media campaign will draw more attention to the project.
The project is slated for completion at the end of August 2018 and you can find the final products on Dr. Stiefel's website. The images will also be displayed in Gera's future exhibitions, follow her on instagram!