Felix Moronta Barrios / Persea Foundation - Héroes Científicos Latinoamericanos Calendar

Heroes cientificos lantinoamericanos

Dr. Felix Moronta Barrios is a microbiology and food security researcher and founder of the Persea Magazine and Foundation. With the rest of the Persea team, Felix created the 2018 Calendar of Scientific Heroes, with each month's spread profiling a different exceptional Latin American scientist. Next, they are creating a 2019 calendar.

Our mission is to produce the best contents of science communication. We use intellectually seductive narratives and artistically aesthetic designs for achieving our goal. We build bridges between specialized science and non-specialists, creating and fostering solid links between science and Latin society.


The 2018 Calendar of Scientific Heroes, our second product, has an impact that we can not imagine. We narrate and illustrate the life of 12 Latin American scientific figures in the exercise of their function. Besides, we go with them with outstanding scientific ephemerides every month. The downloads exceed 500 copies, the criticisms have been extraordinary, and the comments of thanks do not stop arriving.

You can find the 2018 calendar on their website, and stay tuned for the 2019 calender at the end of 2018!

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