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Ashley Gilliam - “Bloom: A Showcase of Science and Art”

Ashley Gilliam - “Bloom: A Showcase of Science and Art”


Ashley Gilliam Bloom

Ashley Gilliam is an undergraduate researcher at Western Kentucky University majoring in Psychology and Anthropology with a minor in Neuroscience. Ashley aims to organize a public art exhibit in Bowling Green, Kentucky what will merge science and art.

This exhibit, titled “Bloom: A Showcase of Science and Art” will be open to both scientists who love art and artists who love science. It will consist of work demonstrating the beauty and intrigue of various areas of science while explaining scientific concepts to the nonscientific community. A call will be made for art based on a scientific concept of the creator’s choice. Alongside the piece
there will also need to be an informational pamphlet or zine that could be distributed to those visiting the exhibit. These will be photographed or scanned and added to the Kentucky Museum’s archives for future reference.

The exhibit will open in the spring of 2019.

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